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Your Goals Are Our Goals!

About Us


  • You have to put your HEART into what you do everyday, you have to Truly Care!  You must have a deeply-rooted concern for every aspect of the things you are connected to.

  • You have to Truly Care about putting great candidates in front of your clients.  You must Truly Care about what is important to your clients, taking the time and interest to find out how your partnership with them can be beneficial to their entire organization. 

  • You have to Truly Care about your candidate’s desires in their ideal position and then help them to fulfill those desires. 

  • You have to Truly Care about your staff.  You must have a deeply-rooted passion for their success. Your staff should be excited to work for you, they should be proud and honored to be on your team.  Our staff consistently performs beyond the call-of-duty because they know we Truly Care and have a sincere interest in their Overall Success!”


Recruiters Worldwide is a Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Recruiting and Staffing Company.  Our goal is to be YOUR PARTNER IN RECRUITING.



Our staff consist of Recruiting Consultants who have Expert Knowledge about our clients' industries and the positions they represent.  Our staff Excel in their present positions and have excelled in past positions.  They are Top-Performers!


We take the time, and consider it very necessary, to know as much as possible about our clients culture, environment, and core beliefs.  We are an extension of your organization and become fully engaged in finding you the BEST CANDIDATE, EVERY TIME! 


Recruiting is about more than just filling a job order, It's about PASSION. The PASSION to do whatever it takes to provide top-notch candidates, which involves dedication, commitment, creativity, and a high-level of intuition. 


We truly believe, "By helping others win, we win as well."  We only consider the placement to be a success when the Client is excited about bringing a Recruiters Worldwide Candidate into their organization AND the Candidate is excited about being on the Client's Team.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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